Coursework and Assignments: Guidance Techniques Applied by Writers on Students

Coursework and Assignments: Guidance Techniques Applied by Writers on Students

Coursework is a common term in academic paradigm referring to a collection of activities, tasks or work, undertaken by students of a specific course for the purpose of learning as prescribed by their learning curriculum and overseen by their instructors or trainers. Coursework encompass, inter alia, practice or fieldwork, research, semester projects, experiments, take-home questions, and writing tasks (dissertation, thesis, essays and reports).

Nevertheless, contrary to the strictly regulated examinations, in case of coursework, students may be allowed several days, weeks or months to finalize coursework and often permitted to access various resources like books, notes, consultants, and the Internet. Coursework is not only instrumental in assessing and accounting towards the overall grading as combined by exams, but it is also imperative in broadening of knowhow, enhancement of skills for research, and elicitation that learners can discuss, reason critically, and exude empirical feedback emanating from gained theoretical knowledge. On the other hand, assignment largely implies an act of assigning or allocating a job, position, or a set of tasks to others. In this context, assignment can be applied to refer to specific task or work assigned or undertaken as allocated by training authority or instruments or instructors. Commonly, students tend to refer to the take-home or home work questions disseminated by trainers to be undertaken individually or as a group, as being the assignments.

Following the technical, professional and merit of tests involved in coursework and assignments, sometimes students find them difficult to comprehend. Furthermore, the limitation of time for in-depth concentration; poor access to reputable resources; inadequate acquaintance to writing skills; scanty knowledge on data searching skills, and incompetence in ICT skills, may hinder the ability of student(s) to tackle coursework and assignments to expectation. Also, cases of disabilities and calamities or “force majeure” may deter the student to do the work appropriately. Hence, apart from coursework instructors, the experienced writers may be of great help in guiding students to competition of their coursework and assignments as follows:

  • Provision of expertise explanations either orally through the mobile-phone or by writing through various social media platforms. The scope of this technique may involve the elaboration of, inter alia, the instructions attached, appropriate methodology, the merit or concept being tested, the format and the specific writing skills required.
  • Production of coursework or assignment outline to guide the student in doing the work. An outline is an instrumental guiding technique as for instance in case of essay writing, it displays the “best fit” title; introductory and thesis statements; the body with main ideas, explanatory ideas and supportive examples. Nevertheless, it can mirror a scratch conclusion and the key references.
  • Provision or direction to reputable resources like peer-reviewed academic journals, authentic websites, government sources, foundational text books, relevant reports, documentaries, expertise consultants, among others. For instance, experienced writer is well accustomed with subscribed peer-reviewed online journals or other reputable websites, hence, the experienced writer may download the resources for the student, or permit the student to access the resources using the writers credentials. This approach is vital in facilitating the completion of coursework and assignments.
  • Reviewing, editing and checking the student’s draft piece of work in order to provide his or her recommendations for further improvement. It should be noted that reviewing and checking the completed coursework or assignments is of great impotance. Alluding to experience, the writer may review, among others, the format, flow and transition of ideas, as well as the merit of argumentation. Experienced writer is also in a position to direct or use the appropriate software to check and rectify instances of plagiarism, grammar and spelling mistakes from the work for better scores for the student.

Summarily, the genuine, experienced writers are qualified professionals guided by professional morals and integrity, and with right choice, they can be of immense importance in undertaking coursework and assignments. Experienced professional writers are not siphons on their clients’ money, but have their focus anchored on constructive interaction with their clients, towards not only producing quality coursework and assignments, but also guiding and imparting the requisite skills into the students, and have them progressing academically and professionally.